ELD Expression of Interest for Education Management Organization

ELD Expression of Interest for Education Management Organization

ELD Expression of Interest for Education Management Organization

ELD Expression of Interest for Education Management Organization





In pursuance of the Government of Sindh’s (GoS) notification no. SO (G-1 )E&L/SEMO/2015 dated March 12, 2015, the Education and Literacy Department (ELD) of the Government of Sindh invites Expression of Interest for shortlisting of reputed, experienced and registered firms/consortia/ or joint ventures for the management and operation of select public schools.

This Expression of Interest (EOI) is applicable for all the public sector schools, other than Sindh Basic Education Program (SBEP) schools for which a separate shortlisting has already been done, in the Province of Sindh under Public Private Partnership mode.

The Project

The GoS aims to contract credible Education Management Organizations (EMOs) from the private sector to manage and improve the functioning of public sector schools by introducing innovations, modernizing the education system, addressing management gaps, maintaining and upgrading the school facilities (where required), and cooperatively working along with teachers, schools’ staff, school management committees, surrounding communities and local tiers of the Education and Literacy Department. In order to improve the standard of education in the Province of Sindh, the GoS, acting through the ELD, envisages a Public Private Partnership model, for the introduction of EMOs in Sindh.

Project Structure

The Project shall be structured as a multi-year management contract, which shall include, inter alia, the responsibility of managing and operating select public sector schools and achieving the key performance indicators set by the Government of Sindh. The ownership, however, of the public sector schools will remain with the Government of Sindh.

Shortlisting Document

The Shortlisting Document for submission may be downloaded free of cost from: www.sindheducation.gov.pk and www.pprasindh.gov.pk. The hard copy of the Shortlisting Document may also be obtained free of cost from the office of the PPP(NODE).

Address for Submission and Opening of Shortlisting Document

Duly filled in Prequalification Documents, along with the required annexures and documents must reach the Office of the Director, Public Private Partnership (NODE), Education and Literacy Department, Government of Sindh, 2nd Floor, Old KDA Building, Secretariat No.3, Karachi, no later than 2.00 p.m. on January 25, 2016. The Shortlisting Document will be opened on the same day within one hour of submission deadline at the office of the Additional Secretary (Education). In case of holiday on the due date the bid submission and open date would be the next working day.

Contact for Queries:

Director, Public Private Partnership (NODE) Education and Literacy Department Government of Sindh, 2ndFloor, Old KDA Building, Secretariat No.3, Karachi.

Contact: 021-99211180 Fax Number: 021-99211311 Email: ppp.node@sindheducation.gov.pk