ILM Possible Summit 2015-2016 child to school programme

ILM Possible Summit 2015-2016 child to school programme

ILM Possible Summit 2015-2016 child to school programme

ILM Possible Summit 2015-2016 child to school programme


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Take A Child to School (TACS) project. We see ILMPOSSIBLE as an unprecedented, model enrolment campaign that was designed to deliver sustainable results and not just project big numbers. British Council understands ihe difference between big and great, and is able to deliver on both with its dedicated team and a powerful network of Civil Society across Pakistan

Kudos to the ILMBASSADORS for their tremendous commitment to the cause of education. They’ve demonstrated that youth when trusted, nurtured and engaged can do wonders for Pakistan.

We have a massive force of ILMBASSADORS who will continue as a contributing youth force; infecting others, initialing projects and inspiring change. The DOSTI teachers have tasted the power of experiential learning through games and storytelling Capacities of Facilitators and Partner Organizations have been built, enabling them for bigger challenges. And we all finally, have a successful model to take all out-of-school children to schools. Let’s keep making ILM possible.
Mehnaz Aziz

CEO, Children’s Global Network – Pakistan

Pakistan today is making strenuous efforts to achieve the targets of Universal Primary Education (UPE). Children’s Global Network in collaboration with British Council & Educate A Child has introduced a unique model of stakeholder’s involvement to improve the management and quality issues pertaining to education at a local level. Our experience and results show that Education is a local Issue and systems and structures should be endorsed by Government to institutionalize models like Mohalla Committees. 1, as an education reformist, believe in involving the youth, parents and notables involved in their local education management and accountability. Systematic and sustained community engagement Is the only way ahead to achieve UPE and objectives of article 25A for our country and especially the poor and marginalized.

Faiza luayaL llead of Project – Take A Child to School. British Council

Our IEMBASSADORS have been instrumental in achieving the goals of ihe program and bringing communities together for the cause of education. Through the sustained and dedicated efforts of our youth we have made education a reality for children across Pakistan. IMPOSSIBLE: Take A Chi Id to School is nol just about pulling oul-ol-school children from marginalized communities into schools; it is also about investing in the development of a cadre of Pakistani young people who are committed lo social advocacy, social good and community development for life. ILMPOSSIBLE: TACS is a movement to inspire change in communities that makes education as the foremost priority lor policy makers, politicians, and communities.