National Internship Program 2016 Application Form, pmyts-nip-gov-pk

National Internship Program 2016 Application Form, pmyts-nip-gov-pk

National Internship Program 2016 Application Form, pmyts-nip-gov-pk

Finally the Federal Government, the national internship program in 2016 called The objective of this program to life, is practical skills and experience to unemployed educated youth of Pakistan. Federal Government has invited applications from interested candidates. They received no application after the end esta deadline for program pm Youth Internship until 11 February 2016 are to be checked. Prime youth training program is part of the youth program PM. for one year – Selected candidates will be monthly stipend of Rs.12000 / be given.

PM National Internship Program (NIP) 2016 Online application, selection criteria

Applicants must complete 16 years education or an equivalent degree from a university HEC Recognized. Students who have completed 3 years after SSC or FSC-degree, you can also apply for the national internship program.
Applicants must was at least 50% marks or 2.5 CGPA in the last degree or diploma.
Age limit for all applicants is 25 years. Cut off date for age limit 31 December 2015 respectively.
Candidate must be a citizen of Pakistan.
Even educated women unemployed can apply for Prime Minister Youth Internship Program.
The graduates of religious schools are to take care of Historic National Internship Program (NIP).


Who benefits from a youth training young people, are not eligible.
Employees of a public or private entity shall not apply.
Full or part-time students of public and private educational institutions are also not allowed.

Important points
1-year for all internees internship certificates that are given by the host department and national internship program.
2 Candidates can apply only online. Paper and hand applications are rejected.
3 Candidates who provides false information in their applications are available, be declared inadmissible.
4 Total 50,000 placements will be made available this year exclusively on merit basis.
First 5-allocation of trainees are in accordance with the NFC Award and FPSC setting criteria for provinces / regions was quotas.Details de este given, be made on this page in the box.

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Details Prime Minister Youth Internship Program 2016 Contact

Phone # 051-9205978, 9204203, 9204200
Helpline Number 0800-77000
Postal address-National Internship Program (NIP) Office Federal Ministry for Inter Provincial Coordination Government of Pakistan Number 10 Floor, Room # 1 Shaheed e Millat Secretariat, F-1.6 Islamabad

051 -9206978-051-9204203-051-9204200



  1. Abubakar khan
    • Abubakar khan
      • sikander
      • Ahmed ali
        • Syed Shah Alam
          • RJ MOueed
      • Syed Shah Alam
      • inayat Ullah
    • Umair
  2. asadullah
  3. faizan falak
  4. Manthar Ali
  5. Rafiullah
    • Bushra
      • Engr.Asim
      • hassan ali
    • shoukat ali
  6. romi hassan
  7. romi hassan
  8. faheem ullah
  9. Muhammad Yousaf
    • Muhammad Yousaf
  10. Jmal Bibi
    • Wahid Ullah
  11. Muhammad Yousaf
  12. Subhanullah
  13. Amnaz
  14. Amnaz
  15. Muneeb Ur Rehman
  16. shoukat ali
    • shoukat ali
  17. Saadia Buksh
  18. rashid azeem
  19. abdul rehman
  20. Bashir Ahmed
  21. Muhammad Sajjad
  22. Ahmad Ali
    • jamil ali
  23. sara
  24. sara
  25. Rasheeda
  26. rehan
  27. Wahid ali
  28. abdul aziz
    • Muneeb Ahmed
      • Ibrar
  29. Inamullah
    • asif
  30. Shabana Zahra
    • moazam
  31. Zainab
  32. shafaqat awan
  33. Sidratel Muntaha
  34. Bibi Malaela
  35. Bibi Malaela
  36. ali
    • m arshad
      • ali
  37. mudassar raza
  38. naheed
  39. Rabia safdar
  40. naheed
  41. Anum Nisa
  42. Saba Afzal
  43. waziristan
  44. Shagufta Hamid Ali
    • maria
    • komal
    • shahbaz khan
  45. Arslan Ahmad
  46. zahid ullah
  47. samina kanwal
  48. sadaf
  49. sadaf
    • kiran
  50. Muhammad.ayaz
  51. Muhammad.ayaz
  52. kiran
  53. sheeraz
  54. ghulam mehdi
  55. sanam abbas
  56. sher bano
  57. zubair
  58. M.Faizan
  59. sher alam
    • irfan jahanzeb
  61. sadaf ashraf
    • Maria
  62. Misbah Rafique
  63. Hira
  64. Sadia
    • Kamlesh Kumar
  65. BILAL
  66. BILAL
    • Maria
  67. syed Faisal
  68. Ashfaq ahmad
  69. Kamlesh Kumar