Prime Minister National Health Programme, Free Treatment of Seven critical illnesses

Prime Minister National Health Programme, Free Treatment of Seven critical illnesses

Prime Minister National Health Programme, Free Treatment of Seven critical illnesses

Prime Minister National Health Programme, Free Treatment of Seven critical illnesses

The News International, Thursday, December 31, 2015

Prime Minister National Health Programme

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif

Prime Minister of Pakistan

Healthcare facilities and their quality has always remained a grave Issue in Pakistan but now time has come to change this. Keeping in mind the difficulties faced especially by the poor and underprivileged, Prime Minister National Health Programme is being launched. This programme is a first-of-its-kind initiative in Pakistan that will benefit the families living below the poverty line.

The programme will be implemented throughout the country in phases. Pakistanis with income of up to Rs. 200 per day will be able to get treatment for critical illnesses without any expenses. The main objective of the programme is to ensure provision of basic healthcare facilities to the underprivileged.

Initially, Prime Minister National Health Programme will be implemented in 15 districts, which will be spread later on to 23 districts. Social mobilization will also be ensured in order to spread awareness regarding the programme and for registration of deserving families. Implementation of the programme will take place through State Life Insurance Corporation. The uniqueness of this programme lies in the fact that people can get treatment from both private and public sector hospitals. After the launch of this programme, no citizen of Pakistan will remain deprived of healthcare and treatment just because It was beyond his affordability.

After coming into power, the present government has made major strides toward the fulfillment of its promise of making Pakistan a welfare state. We will Inshallah make the best healthcare accessible to all, rich or poor.

Prime Minister National Health Programme will function in coordination with the provincial governments. To make possible the provision of services mandated by the programme, district headquarters hospitals will be upgraded and uplifted. In case any facility is not available in a public sector hospital, cases will be referred to private hospitals. In this regard, private hospitals are being given loans on easy Installments so that they could also improve their facilities, thereby extending healthcare services to low-Income Pakistanis.

Saira Afzal Tarar

Minister of Stale National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination

This day will be marked as a very important day in the history of Pakistan. I am very grateful to Allah to be part of this historical day. Today, the foundation of a very significant healthcare program is being laid which will serve as a beacon of light for the underprivileged in our country.

I congratulate the entire nation on the auspicious launch of’Prime Minister’s National Health Program’. Under this landmark Initiative, the deserving citizens will be provided with free and quality healthcare in government and private hospitals. The poor people of our country now do not need to worry about medical expenses because the government will pay their expenses. This program is an important milestone in fulfillment of the promise of a “Roshan Pakistan”, made by our Honorable Prime Minister, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. A Roshan Pakistan where there is no poverty, Illiteracy, load shedding or backwardness. Today, under the leadership of the Prime Minister we are taking all those steps which should have been taken a long time ago. We are glad that implementation of this program as service for the poor was written in the fate of the present government. Prime Minister’s National Health Program does not solely aim at providing free healthcare but also intends to put an end to poverty. Only a healthy nation can work hard to improve their lives and contribute In the progress of the country.

The program will fund all kinds of critical illnesses including cancer and heart diseases. The government will provide expenses worth Rs. 300,000 that will cover hospital admission fees, diagnosis, treatment and medicine fees for the patients.

A transparent and computerized procedure has been established to ensure provision of facilities under the program. Under this procedure, the deserving people from all provinces will be issued Sehat Cards.

I believe that this program will ensure the wealth of health for the poor and deserving people of Pakistan and play a great role in the realization of the dream of a Roshan Pakistan. I pray that this journey of national service continues and goes a long way and every day brings a new hope and strength to make such plans possible.

Muhammad Ayub Sheikh

Federal Secretary National Health Services. Regulation and Coordination

It is a matter of immense pleasure that the responsibility assigned to my team and me has been duly done. Prime Minister National Health Programme has been launched and the spirit to serve the people of Pakistan is being Implemented in letter and spirit. In the First Phase, the programme is being launched in 23 districts, that is, four districts each of the four provinces, two districts each of FATA, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad lammu and Kashmir, and one district of the federal capital. Besides the commencement of awareness campaigns in the districts concerned, data acquisition of low-income households – those below the Poverty Line – has been carried out and Health Cards are being issued.

Under the programme, free-of-cost treatment will be extended to patients suffering from critical and life-threatening illnesses like cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, and complications related to renal and liver failure. The hallmark of this programme is that patients will be able to get treatment not only in government hospitals but also in private sector hospitals,

To meet the demands of this initiative, we will, in the first place, try to upgrade the district headquarters hospitals, equipping them will all the essential facilities. Subsequently, access to these hospitals will be ascertained on the basis of availability of facilities in the hospitals concerned.

In this regard, public-private partnership will be encouraged. Private hospitals aspiring to be part of this public-private arrangement will be extended loans on easy Installments to the tune of up to Rs. 5 million to upgrade their facilities. The commitment and dedication that has made possible the first phase of this programme will, God willing, enable us implement Prime Minister National Health Programme to the entire country.

Prime Minister National Health Programme
A Revolutionary Healthcare Programme for Low-Income Pakistanis

Provision of health services through the best public and private hospitals
Free treatment of seven critical illnesses
Phased issuance of Pakistan Health Cards to the deserving from different districts

Government to bear healthcare expenses up to Rs. 300,000

Diseases covered under the programme

Heart diseases (Angioplasty/bypass)
Complications related to renal failure and dialysis
Diabetes and related complications
Complications related to chronic infections (Hepatitis, HIV)
Traffic accidents and burn injuries (life and organ saving treatment)
Liver, kidney and heart failure
Cancer (Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Surgery)

Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination

Government of Pakistan


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