PVTC Free Training Stipend Admissions 2016 Punjab Vocational Training Council

PVTC Free Training Stipend Admissions 2016 Punjab Vocational Training Council

Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC) is an autonomous corporate body established by the Punjab Government through the PVTC Act of 1998. Its mission is to alleviate poverty through Muslim charity (Zakat) and private sector participation by imparting demand driven skill training and enhancing employability for disadvantaged youth.

Establishment of PVTC came through the realization that the less privileged sections of the society eligible for Zakat should be so empowered economically that they are able to sustain themselves and their families and engage in dignified economic activity. One of the better ways to use Zakat was to provide technical and vocational skills to the youth including girls and boys with certain minimum academic qualifications. This idea of economic empowerment would generate a multiplier effect in terms of economic activity and provide dignified monthly income to them and their families so that they come out of the eligibility of Zakat bracket.

Imparting of skill training in market relevant trades would obviously bring much higher rate of return than general education. With the establishment of PVTC, training the young girls and boys into professionally equipped and trained craftsmen has brought quantifiable dividends in the lives of these people.

For More Details: http://pvtc.gop.pk/

Punjab Vocational Training Council
134-A, Industrial Estate, Madar-e-Millat Road, Kot Lakhpat, Lahore
Tel.:+ 92 (423) 5209200
Fax:+ 92 (423) 5213459
Locations Designation Name Direct No. Email Address
PVTC Head Office Chairman Mr. Faisal Ijaz Khan 0423-5209201 faisal.khan@pvtc.gop.pk
Managing Director Mr. Sajid Naseer Khan 0423-5209202 sajid.naseer@pvtc.gop.pk
General Manager Operations Mr. Amjad Ali 0423-5209227 amjad.ali@pvtc.gop.pk
Senior Manager Administration Mr. Waqar Azeem 0423-5209226 waqar.azeem@pvtc.gop.pk
Senior Manager Finance Mr. Atiq Butt 0423-5209212 atiq.butt@pvtc.gop.pk
Senior Manager Curriculium Mr. Ghazanfar Abbas 0423-5209203 ghazanfar.abbas@pvtc.gop.pk
Manager Management Information Systems Mr. Rana Hammad Hassan 0423-5209234 rana.hammad@pvtc.gop.pk
Manager STTI Mr. Farrukh Bashir 0423-5209211 farrukh.bashir@pvtc.gop.pk
Manager Exam & Certification Dr. Tauqir Ahmad 0423-5209233 tauqir.ahmad@pvtc.gop.pk
Manager R & D Mr. Shafqat Ur Rehman 0423-5209252 shafqat.rehman@pvtc.gop.pk
Manager HR Mr. Raza Shamsi 0423-5209200 raza.shamsi@pvtc.gop.pk
Manager Legal Mr. Farhan Baloch 0423-5209200 farhan.baloch@pvtc.gop.pk
Manager M & E Mr. Nadeem Akram 0423-5209200 nadeem.akram@pvtc.gop.pk
Manager Marketing & Public Relations Mrs. Bushra Nawaz 0423-5209223 bushra.nawaz@pvtc.gop.pk
Deputy Manager Internal Audit Mr. Muhammad Atif Iqbal 0423-5209204 atif.iqbal@pvtc.gop.pk
Deputy Manager Career Guidence & Job Placement Mr. Muhammad Asghar Raja 0423-5209253 asghar.raja@pvtc.gop.pk
Location Contact Details Designation Name Email Address
Regional Office Center Zone PVTC Head Office, Lahore Regional Manager (Center) Mr. Salman Bin Zahid salman.zahid@pvtc.gop.pk
Regional Office South Zone VTI Multan, Opposite Daewoo Terminal, Khanewal Road, Multan, Tel.: (061) 6772235 – 36 Regional Manager (South) Mr. Tariq Baig tariq.baig@pvtc.gop.pk
Regional Office North Zone Area Office Rawalpindi, 3rd Floor VTI Building, Near Mareer Bridge, Murree Road, Rawalpindi, Tel.: (051) 5598495 Regional Manager (North) Mr. Zahid Qureshi zahid.qureshi@pvtc.gop.pk
Location Contact Details Designation Name Email Address
Area Office Lahore PVTC Head Office, Lahore Area Manager Lahore Mr. Shah Sawar shah.sawar@pvtc.gop.pk
Area Office Gujranwala Vocational Training Institute Gill Road , Gujranwala
Ph. & Fax 055 – 382209
Area Manager Gujranwala Mr. Mian Muhammad Iqbal muhammad.iqbal@pvtc.gop.pk
Area Office Sahiwal Farid Colony, Arif Road, Pul 9-L, G.T Road, Sahiwal.
Tel.: 040 – 9200081
040 – 4227079
Area Manager Sahiwal Mr. Ghulam Ahmad ghulam.ahmad@pvtc.gop.pk
Area Office Faisalabad 24-A, Peoples Colony, D Ground Faisalabad
Tel.: 041-8731 974
041-9220 516
Fax:041-8731 974
Area Manager Faisalabad Mr. Rafiq Malik rafiq.malik@pvtc.gop.pk
Area Office Sialkot Government MCE School, Chok Shaheedan, Sialkot
Tel.: 052-4592889
Area Manager Sialkot Mr. Tariq Mahmood Khan tariq.mehmood@pvtc.gop.pk
Area Office Rawalpindi 3rd Floor VTI Building, Near Mareer Bridge, Murree Road, Rawalpindi, Tel.: 051-5962426 Area Manager Rawalpindi Mr.Muhammad Abubakar muhammad.abubakar@pvtc.gop.pk
Area Office Sargodha House No.256, Street No.8, Farooq Colony, University Road, Sargodha.
Tel.: 048-3223600
Area Manager Sargodha Mr. Muhammad Haseeb muhammad.haseeb@pvtc.gop.pk
Area Office Vehari 38 – A Northern Block – II, Sharqi Colony, Vehari
Tel.: 067-3363260
Fax: 067-3363259
Area Manager Vehari Mr. Abrar Hussain abrar.hussain@pvtc.gop.pk
Area Office Bahawalpur Defunt Zila Council office Railway Road, Bahawalpur
Tel.: 062-2885902
Fax: 062-9255450
Area Manager Bahawalpur Mr. Farasat Hassan farasat.hassan@pvtc.gop.pk
Area Office D.G. Khan Near Eid Gah, D.G.Khan.
Tel.: 064-2470122
Area Manager D.G. Khan Mr. Ansur Mehmood ansur.mahmood@pvtc.gop.pk