Thought Leaders Summit 2016 Marriott Islamabad 21 January 2016

Thought Leaders Summit 2016 Marriott Islamabad 21 January 2016

Thought Leaders Summit 2016 Marriott Islamabad 21 January 2016

Thought Leaders Summit 2016 Marriott Islamabad 21 January 2016

As a leading segment of society, business has become the most powerful force for positive change in the world today. While markets compete to attract the capital from world over, countries are gauged by investors using various factors that can promote business growth in a country. Ease of Doing Business (EODB) is an indicator, being used by World Bank to review business friendly environment in countries around the globe. Pakistan currently stands at 138 out of 189 countries in EODB index. In order to attract foreign investment, accelerate industrial growth, increase employment opportunities and stabilize the economy, it is important for Pakistan to take prompt measures for sustainable improvement in EODB.

This index is largely influenced by public sector organizations that come in contact with business community for 11 key factors. Since human governance drives organization strategy, therefore it is of great interest to investors and regulators worldwide. It facilitates mutual alignment of interests of directors, top-level management and employees for better performance and productivity.

HR Metrics, with support of SHRM Forum Pakistan, is organizing a “Thought Leaders Summit” at Marriott Islamabad on 21 January 2016. The Theme is “Strengthening Human Governance for Sustainable Ease of Doing Business Index”. The Summit will engage Pakistan top policy makers, business councils, business owners, CEOs, board chairpersons, regulators, senior government officials, civil society representatives, international development organizations, CHROs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs and senior HR executives.

Summit Objectives

1.    Provide a synergistic platform to Pakistan’s policy makers and industry expert business leaders to discuss challenges of human governance and its impact on the business and overall economy.

2.    Provide a helping hand to the government in establishing a coherent and comprehensive human resource management (HRM) policy framework consistent with its broader development and investment strategy.

3 Suggest implementation plan for national HRM policy that is responsive to new economic developments for creating a favorable investment climate in the country.

Intended Benefits

The development of human governance framework will define a human system that promotes good governance objectives and implementation plans to measure their success. It will encourage merit-based practices that ensure effective strategic decision-making with a view to create responsible, accountable, controlled and value driven organizations. It is through human governance that government can improve EODB sustainably and also strengthen its agenda of privatization, deregulation, restructuring and good governance seeking to enhance growth and productivity in the economy.